The Mission

A Clear Description Of The Freeriver Vision

Imagine woodstock, but a bit more organised, smaller and long-term and your probably half way there....

Freeriver hopes to become a magical little bubble of existence within the world where things operate a bit differently. People would be encouraged to pursue their love, their joy, their creative freedom. People could be free from having to worry about money, bills, material distractions and be given a chance to focus more on 'vibes' - on feelings of peace, love and harmony - on togetherness, friendship and connection.

It will hopefully provide  people with a living, breathing taste of the world we all dream of living in on a microcosmic level. If the whole world cannot live in peace then we have to start somewhere right?  So Freeriver is an attempt to bring this peace into the world, and from small seeds, tall tree's grow.....

We also dream of being a socially  engaged, creative and philanthropic endeavour  involving ourselves with many good causes such as Tree planting, saving the Amazon, rescuing animals in need, putting on events to bring light and love into people's lives and hearts.

The 'Hippie' dream has been one that has been held in many minds and many hearts for a long time - many people have given up on the idea, but we really feel that it is possible, all we need to do is organise ourselves and come together and with our joint energies, skills and resources we really can make something truly amazing happen.

We imagine Freeriver at first to be like a retreat centre/ youth hostel with artists and musicians and free spirits in residence. With a beautiful garden with sculptures, wonderful flowers, fruits and veggies and maybe a few rescue animals. We could have a stage area for music, a few Yurts for accomodation and for workshop/event spaces. We could build a Sauna, a fire pit and a small secluded meditation hut somewhere on the land. We could also have music recording facilities and artists studio spaces. With the right kind of organisation we hope we can offer free food and accommodation and free events. We hope to be able to fund great projects and become a centre for peace-loving people to use  for their own well-being and for the benefit of our community and our world.

It seems that many people dream of living a life such as this but for some reason it is common to tend to believe that its just not possible, that life is hard, and that there are bills to pay, responsibilities and jobs to do and that life is hard work. And often people have a sense of duty and a sense of guilt that stops them from following this dream. Well, at Freeriver we are convinced that it is possible, that we are allowed to relax, that we can sing, dance, play, create and enjoy ourselves and that through nourishing ourselves and our world we live fulfilling energising and beautiful lives.

So, how can we make this dream come true - well, it needs you! we need people to believe, people to get involved, and together, we can make it happen. So far we have managed to create various streams of income for this project to make it more viable - through digital publishing we have set up a record label, We also have been involved with a few other projects such as the Arthouse ( and a few other things in the pipeline that could be very exciting.

Sign up to our newsletter for updates, 'Like' our page on Facebook - and contact us - connect and share idea's - and if your interested in getting involved let us know. We hope at some point to launch a fundraising campaign to try and get  a network of supporters donating £1 per week to the project as we still feel that this ultimately could be the most stable and easy way of generating regular funds to support a project such as this -

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