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Our project for 2023 and beyond!

We are a multimedia arts brand and artists collective featuring works from a number of world class artists and performers. We are based in Wales, UK at our offices 'The Velvet Chapel' - a large chapel we have converted into a film studio, arts space, gallery, printing factory and office. We also have access to a 37 acre permaculture site with events facilities where we intend to hold some events. We hope that this will generate enough revenue to financially support the Freeriver Community dream and help to create the 'New Earth Centre' - Click the button below to visit the Life Saving Distractions Website to learn more about the project!

Publication for sale - 'The Hippie Handbook'

The Hippie Handbook is a Groovy and Psychedelic exploration of ‘Hippie Consciousness’ and what it means to be a Hippy in this day and age. It covers Hippy Philosophy and ideas and can help any aspiring hippy follow the magical and wondrous golden sun shiny path towards peace and love. Covering a wide range of things such as altered states of consciousness, free love, shamanism, meditation, lifestyle and much more - Click book to purchase a copy!

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