The Freeriver Community Project

Freeriver is a project which hopes to give 'The Hippie Dream' tangibility. Its a vision for a place where people can live together and immerse themselves in living creatively and from the heart. Peace, Love and Togetherness will be our focus. Bringing the Hippie Dream into our world will serve as a symbol for the love that we hold in our hearts. Contact us for more info!

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Together we can make magic happen!


 Consider becoming a Freeriver Patron by donating just £1 per month with enough patrons Freeriver could become a wonderful beacon for peace, creativity and positivity in our world.

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Freeriver, a place of peace, creativity and fun

Our intention is to offer a place for people to live in peace. A place for people to enjoy life, be creative, have fun. It will be a place where people can really be themselves, to live creatively, freely, openly and honestly. A place that welcomes and invites true expression and 'realness'. A place where people can live with nature, cultivating their garden, making music and art, doing things that feel meaningful and watching the clouds drift by.  As of yet we are still in our developmental stages and are looking for land and or a place to set up. We are looking for a dedicated team to help make this dream a reality.

Relaxing together and forming a community

We aim to one day provide the possibility for people to stay for short periods, or for long periods of time and for people to make Freeriver their home. Life will become very simple and natural, like a tribe people will begin to become a family and develop close meaningful relationships.

With your help, we can offer all this for free

Freeriver looks to offer all that it can for free. With help from people who share the same vision, and contributions of skills, together we can create something truly beautiful. If this sounds like something you wish to support please email for more details. Thank you.

***NEW FOR 2021***

A Freeriver Publication

'The Hippie Handbook'

The Hippie Handbook is a Groovy and Psychedelic exploration of ‘Hippie Consciousness’ and what it means to be a Hippy in this day and age. It covers Hippy Philosophy and ideas and can help any aspiring hippy follow the magical and wondrous golden sun shiny path towards peace and love.

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We will be holding a residency at Aberystwyth Arts Centre during the week for the 'International Day of Peace' where we will be holding creative  workshops, live music and performance art pieces all designed to inspire and communicate messages of peace, love and togetherness. There will also be a number of pieces inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 'Bed In' and other works. We look forward to reporting more news and developments on this project! 


We've also been busy publishing new material - with meditational albums and videos.



Freeriver well-being course-

Download our free weekly well being course designed to give you inspiration and fun things to do and learn about- We cover things such as nutrition, meditation,

yoga, philosophy, shamanism and much more.

Click the links to the right to download each week for free.


A Little Yoga Video for you to enjoy :)

A Guided Sound Meditation for you to relax to.

Check out our music publishing label


We have created a label and publish lots of various genres of music ranging from electro to meditational. We hope that our publishing activities will help to secure a future for the project.

Stuart Hampton

Day-to-day manager and founder of the Freeriver Community Project - 

Freeriver Mama

Health enthusiast


Freeriver Supporter

The Freeriver Community Project was founded by Stuart Hampton - and is a vision held deeply within the heart and soul. It is a vision for people to live together in peace and harmony.

Stuart spent many years living in communities and has long held an interest in communal living and colourful and creative ways of being. The freeriver vision hopes to become a sanctuary for like-minded individuals to come together and co-create a colourful, peaceful sanctuary for people to freely occupy and develop.

As of yet the freeriver dream is still in its dream stage and is still in development. But with a few like-minds, this project could be the stuff that dreams are made of.

Contact the freeriver project if you feel you would like to be involved. Thank-you

Hi my name is Joanna Bond I write for the Freeriver blog  I am an artist, mother, health enthusiast. I make art that is socially engaged work incorporating ceramics and performance art. I enjoy gardening, eating plant based diet, fermenting food, yoga, capoeira and meditating, dancing and making music and living life to the full. for more about me go to my website is

About Freeriver Community

Ways you can help....

We are looking for people who share the same vision... To create a place where we can all come together and live in peace, encouraging 'good vibes' happiness and harmony. We are looking for enthusiastic, creative and self-motivated people to get involved and build the dream together. We really feel this project is a project for 'the people' and in our times, we feel a place such as freeriver needs to happen. A place for the people, that is real, free, open and filled with encouragement and a place that nurtures our full potential as beings on this beautiful planet. So, if you share our vision, or wish to know more please get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you -Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in Freeriver spread the word! share us on facebook, and tell people!! THANKS!!!  you can send us a message direct in the box to the right, or email at PEACE AND LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freeriver hopes to become a magical little bubble of existence within the world where things operate a bit differently. People would be encouraged to pursue their love, their joy, their creative freedom. People could be free from having to worry about money, bills, material distractions and be given a chance to focus more on 'vibes' - on feelings of peace, love and harmony - on togetherness, friendship and connection.


It will hopefully provide people with a living, breathing taste of the world we all dream of living in on a microcosmic level. If the whole world cannot live in peace then we have to start somewhere right? So Freeriver is an attempt to bring this peace into the world, and from small seeds, tall tree's grow.....

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