The Freeriver Community Project and 'The New Earth Centre' - Freeriver is a project which hopes to give 'The Hippie Dream' tangibility. Its a vision for a place where people can live together and immerse themselves in living creatively and from the heart. Peace, Love and Togetherness will be our focus. Bringing the Hippie Dream into our world will serve as a symbol for the love that we hold in our hearts.

Freeriver, a place of peace, creativity and fun

Our intention is to offer a place for people to live in peace. A place for people to enjoy life, be creative, have fun. It will be a place where people can really be themselves, to live creatively, freely, openly and honestly. A place that welcomes and invites true expression and 'realness'. A place where people can live with nature, cultivating their garden, making music and art, doing things that feel meaningful and watching the clouds drift by. As of yet we are still in our developmental stages and are looking for land and or a place to set up. We are looking for a dedicated team to help make this dream a reality.

Contact us for more info!

Relaxing together and forming a community

We aim to one day provide the possibility for people to stay for short periods, or for long periods of time and for people to make Freeriver their home. Life will become very simple and natural, like a tribe people will begin to become a family and develop close meaningful relationships.

With your help, we can offer all this for free

Freeriver looks to offer all that it can for free. With help from people who share the same vision, and contributions of skills, together we can create something truly beautiful. If this sounds like something you wish to support please email us for more details. Thank you.